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“A man keeps himself busy with rebuilding the world, and yet he always gets excited when he stumbles upon something original. ” (Milan Kundera, Laughable Loves)

What can we learn about a human being by looking at their material interaction in space? One material in particular - the stone - becomes the main instrument of my research. Stone negates time in contrast to the more temporary nature of other materials. Because we believe they do.

My approach to the photographic object has changed significantly in the process. I can return to the locations any time. We trust that stone is a material that lasts, but because of the constant human activity it is almost impossible that something will stay untouched. Stones reflect human touch while simultaneously denying human time scale.

I began working on this series in April of 2014 in central Slovakia where I was born, and Vienna where I lived at that time. Looking at stones allowed me to see the differences between two places.